The Blueprint

Get ready to explore my never-before shared detailed plan on how to start your business step by step in my online course at your own pace

The Blueprint

Get ready to explore my never-before shared detailed plan on how to start your business step by step online course at your own pace

Do You Have Business Dreams, And Are You Ready To Go After Them?

Are you ready to legitimize your business and know how to do it yourself?

Mentor ceo holding tablet device and female manager discuss project in office.

Do you already provide a professional service and want to establish it on paperwork?

Businesspeople working on new business idea

Are you tired of paying for services that you can learn to do yourself?

Are you interested in learning details about your business and not just the basics that everyone glamorizes?

Then you are in the right place and I want to encourage you to take charge of your business and educate yourself on how to legitimize your business from scratch.
My detailed step-by-step online course will take you from being a business owner to a legitimate BUSINESS OWNER, fast!

Meet The Instructor:

Hey, I’m Kaila

I’ve been an entrepreneur for 6 years now. I launched my very first company in 2016 while being a full time student studying Biology/Pre-Medicine at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. As my major and first business didn’t aline with each-other, It did allowed me to become disciplined, educate myself in different areas and learn how to build strong business relationships with those who have already had skin in the game. Within the last 6 years I have opened up four businesses from the ground up and did it all from educating and learning myself. My very first business I did pay someone to legitimize my business and thought to myself, I could do this on my own moving forward and I did just that. Not only did I start creating my own businesses, I was able to help numerous of individuals create and open up their own business from scratch. After years of this and people insisting I make this global, I finally realized the demand with so many people interested in learning how to legitimize their business on their own. So I have now created The BLUEPRINT on teaching individuals like yourself, the information I have learned myself to do what I have done. Developing your own business from scratch. Their are many companies that will do all of the work for you with a hefty price or their are many companies that will tell you, “Do this and that” but will not give you specific step-bystep details and that’s why you are here and in the right place. I have educated myself well enough in all 50 states to serve a blueprint detailed online course for you to legitimize and learn your business from the inside out. I look forward to you becoming a successful entrepreneur by EDUCATING yourself to the fullest and THE BLUEPRINT will help you do just that!

In ANY industry? And that is how THE BLUEPRINT came to life!

My Life Changed When I Started My Own Business

I was able to help everyday people create financial freedom.

I was able to pay for my school tuition in full because my income had increased.

I was able to employ over 100 employees and create jobs.

I was able to connect with successful millionaires who own their own business & learn from them.

I launched The Blueprint to empower anyone with the burning
desire to start or expand their business.

Especially people who are just like me and didn't have any prior business experience, business degrees, or any idea where to even start. The Blueprint will teach you how to take back charge of your business.

You will learn about every single step by step process, tools, and softwares that you need to start and grow your business.

If you’re anything like me, you’re not looking to create a million dollar business overnight.

Mission Statement/Goals:


What’s Inside The Blueprint ?

I'm glad you asked…

Module 1

Business Organization

Learn how to strategically choose and reserve your business name, classify your business industry and entity type (Sole Prop., LLC, LLP Corp.). Access to The Blueprint library of over 100 + business industry's. (If you don't already know what your business will be about)

Module 2

Entity Set Up For All 50 States

Watch me walk through all 50 states step-by-step entity set up and learn about your state fees and requierments.

Module 3

Know Your State Tax Regulations

Watch me walk you through your EIN creation, Sales and Use Tax set up, Whole-Sale Licensing and 50,000.00 tax credit with one simple tip.

Module 4

Your Company Foundation

Learn how to set up your business up for success with all of the correct company information required for your business to grow. This is the time to organize your company in a way that will be beneficial to your future customers and lenders for business funding.

Module 5

You need A Business Plan

Learn how to create a high converting business plan from scratch for your business that will have lenders and investors writing checks to your company tomorrow.

Module 6

Building Business Credit

Learn the easiest and fastest way to obtain business credit in 4-6 months that will allow you to get over 100k in funding! This method is completed in just 6 layers!

Module 7

Marketing & Advertising

Learn how to go from 0-500 email subscribers or customers in 30 days using the same methods that I used with no paid ads or affiliates.

Module 8

Employer Hiring Tools

Learn how to properly and legally hire W-2 and 1099 employees. You will get inside tips on employee handbooks, workers compensation insurance, employee health insurance benefits and much more.

Module 9

Yearly Business Requirments

Plan ahead and know all of your yearly fees and obligations so that your paperwork stays in-tack and you are not paying late penalties and risk having your business terminated.

Module 10

Ready... Set... Go!

This is a step-by-step business checklist to make sure that you have everything set up before you put your business out there and have a profitable business.

Here’s Our Success Stories


In 2019 you walked me through the entire process to get my LLC, even when I became discouraged you kept me motivated to finish. Even after I established my LLC you didn’t stop there, coaching me on how to grow my business and establish business credit. Thank you so much for all your help.

Maria P.


Kaila was very helpful and informative when it came time for me to start my business back in December 2020. "Hookaholics Mobile Service LLC" She answered all of my questions in a timely matter and was patient in helping me better understand my LLC. I would definitely recommend her service!

- Victoria C.


" My business credit has a 84 Paydex Credit score since working with Kaila. I have also got over $30,00.00 in business credit in little as 2 months. Kaila is the GOAT in this business industry."

- Ashton N.

The Blueprint Makes Starting
Your Business Easy

I’ve literally thought of everything to help you go from business creation to maintaining a profitable business! You’ll know how to make the right moves, in the right order, at the right time.
There’s no point of spending countless weeks, months, and years trying to figure this stuff out on your own. Especially if you’re like me in the beginning and don’t have money to waste.
I don’t want you to waste time and money and go down this path alone without any support system to give you real time feedback. Instead, I want to help you shortcut your way to your first valuable business!




What Makes The Blueprint Different
From Other Trainings Like It?


The Blueprint

You’ll get lifetime access to the course material. So if you ever need to go back and review a lesson to improve your business, you can do that. FOREVER.

Other Trainings

You have access to this training for one year, so if that’s not enough time, you’ll have to sign up again.


The Blueprint

You have lifetime access to our private Facebook group. So, you can go back and review as much as you need to.

Other Trainings

The Facebook group will be archived once the class ends. All information shared in the group is valuable so, make sure to take some notes!


The Blueprint

Join my team and I, on our weekly Q&A sessions.

Other Trainings

Where is the instructor? Is she going to show up? Do we ever get to speak to her? I haven’t heard from her since registration day.


You don’t need prior experience creating your company using the tools. Just copy my proven process, implement, start & grow!


The Blueprint is perfect whether you want to make this your full-time passion or part-time company.


The great thing about this course is that you wont make the mistakes of paying companies to format all of your companies in the future.

Here’s Everything You’re Going To Get

Answers To Your Questions

It will be completely self-paced with a Facebook group you may add to interact with others. The Blueprint trainings is the recorded online course purchased and accessible on your online portal. You will have access to all of the curriculum, recorded trainings, guest speakers, and AMAZING bonuses that other students got. The Blueprint courses does NOT come with an instructor, admins, or additional support like one on one coaching does.

Since this is a knowledge-based course and knowledge CANNOT be reversed once learned, all courses is NON-REFUNDABLE. No exceptions.

Anyone wanting to learn how to turn their knowledge or expertise into a valuable business.

No, you do not need to have an existing business already. This course will help you launch your own business from scratch as well as assist you with having all of your paperwork in order. This course is for new and existing business owners.

Although I have many success stories from my previous clients, it would be illegal and unethical for me to guarantee your success. Your work ethic will determine your success. 

This training is exclusively online (you can always login on your online portal by coming back to this website and clicking on the login button at the top right hand corner of the page).

You will have lifetime access to the course curriculum.

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. The courses entailed is for you to gain knowledge about starting and maintaining your business. Your results will vary depending on your work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you’re not willing to accept that, please DO NOT PURCHASE ANY COURSES.

PS: Just in case you can’t find the confirmation email in your inbox, be sure to check your promotions and spam folders to find it.